Racing Results

from 1993 to 1999 racing was under CHS and against modern fleets.
From 2001 onwards racing was focused on the RIR race against modern fleets and IRC racing with the BCYC

2019 Results

Results BCYC

2nd/11 Class II


2018 Results

Results BCYC
2nd/41 overall (13,2,1+16)

1st/13 Class II (2,(6),3,1,1,1=8)

Ladys Race 3rd/25

2017 Results

RIR 2c
10th/52 in class, 56th/143 in group, 224th/453 Overall (West About: 8hrs 4 mins 18 secs corrected time)

Results BCYC
13th/34 Overall (DNF, 12, 5, 8 to count)

4th/21 Class II (8,DNF,4,4,3,3,4=26)

2016 Results

RIR 2c
5th/44 in class, 11th/150 in Group, 48th/500 Overall (West About: 7 hrs 9 mins 28 secs corrected time)

Results BCYC
6th/41 Overall (17,2,7 to count)

3rd/12 Class II (5,5,2,2,3,3)

2015 Results

RIR 2c
8th/30 in class, 23rd/151 in Group, 68th/598 Overall (West About: 7hrs 17 mins 10 secs corrected time)

Results BCYC
4th/52 Overall (joint 3rd but lost a place on count back)

1st/14 Class II (1,2,3,1,1,=8 to count)

Long inshore race 5/52

RIR 7/39 (West about: 8 hrs 40 mins 13 secs corrected time)

Results RYS BIC
2nd/12 Class III (2,2,5=12 to count)

RIR 6/12 (East About: 7 hrs 15 mins 30 secs corrected time, our current record)

An excellent all around year with the taller mast.

2014 Results

4th/49 in class, 38th/197 in Group, 53rd/514 Overall (West About: 10 hrs 29 mins 14 secs corrected time)

Results BCYC
3rd/12 Class II (1,14,3,1,2,3=27 13 and to count) Very close racing

A good RIR in the ultra light winds when almost 40% of group retired, but a close but disappointing BCYC

2013 Results

3nd/42 in class, 16th/188 in Group, 48th/514 Overall (West About: 7 hrs 9 mins 19 secs corrected time)

Results BCYC
3rd/12 Class II (4,3,3,1,3,3=17 13 and to count)

12/25 n long inshore race

A good RIR, but a disappointing BCYC

2012 Results

3nd/52 in class, 23rd/188 in Group, 36th/514 Overall (7 hrs 0 mins 21 seconds corrected time)

Results BCYC
2nd/51 overall in Regatta, 1st/12 Class II ( 2,1,2,2,1=6 ) 3rd/51 in RIRĀ  20/54 in long inshore race

An excellent all around year.

2011 Results

2nd in class, 17th in Group, 28th Overall/465 (7 hrs 9 mins 13 seconds)

Results BCYC
17th overall, 5th in Class I ( 9,2,5,3,5 = 16 ), 15/55 in long inshore race overall did not count to overall score

The best RIR result and the worst BCYC result! Regatta started with the lower starboard spreader breaking in the first minute of the first race, a bad omen!

2010 Results

4th in class 53, 39th in Group , 39th Overall /500

Results BCYC
1st overall (based on results and class size), 1st Class 2 (with a 2,1.2,2,1,2,8.2=6.2 score), 1st/52 in RIR overall

An outstanding year

2009 Results

9th in class /53, 72nd in Group, 93rd Overall

Results BCYC
2nd overall, 1st overall in Class I (1st in all three inshore1,1,1,2.4=5.4), 2nd on ladies day (all boats one race), 7th in RIR overall and 2nd in class, 1st in all three inshore races.

An outstanding year

2008 Results

6th in class /57, 40th in Group, 90th Overall

Results BCYC
1st overall (based on results and class size), 1st Class 2 (with a 1,1,1,1,1,1,2=8 score), 3rd RIR overall, 2nd Ladies race (all boats one race), 2nd after Lutine in the Je Ne Sai Quoi in boats over 45ft

An outstanding year

2007 Results

16th in class, 118th in Group, 211th Overall

Results BCYC
10/51 overall , 3rd Class 2 (with a 3,(6)6,1,1=11score) beaten by Stiren (7)and Kelpie(8), ?RIR overall

2006 Results

29th in class, 103rd in Group, 332nd Overall

Results BCYC ?

2005 Results

5th in class/39, 44th in Group, 53rd Overall

Results BCYC
3/29 overall (1,1,5,14,10,13 beaten by Cereste, and Leonie), 2nd/6 in Class cruiser racers , 1/25 long inshore race (windy inside Solent)

2004 Results


2003 Results

?th in class, ?th in Group, ?rd Overall

Results BCYC
8/25?? overall (Arrow won in the light winds), 2nd/6 in Class cruiser racers 7,5.5,9,3=15.5 , 12/20 long in RIR

2002 Results

Results BCYC
1st overall, 1st in the Je Ne Sais Quoi

2001 Results

Americas Cup Jubilee
2st in class IRC3, a, 1st in class IRC 3 2nd overall in RIR

2000 Results

No racing in 2000

1999 Results

Warsash Spring Series
three 1st places but 5th overall

The season was very light, and we had trouble even finishing the qualifying events with the Cervantes trophy and Morgan Cup. We should have listened to the omens as the Fastnet Race was also cursed by light wind and we were becalmed in the Irish Sea, for three days and ended in the back of our class.

1998 Results

RORC Myth of Malham
1/6 CHS3, 1/9 IMS, 1/29 CHS overall

CHS Nationals
1/11 (day one, poor placing overall)

Hermes Mumm
Joint 1st

9/35 in class

RORC De Guiland Bowl
1/14 over all

Cork Week
6/35 in class

Commodores Cup
8/9 IMS C

RORC Lutine Race
5/18 overall

RORC Cherbourg Race
2/11 CHS 3

RORC Overall
1st in CHS3 & IMS C, 8/400 CHS overall

HRSC Winter Series
1/28 CHS 3

A vintage year! In total six offshore races and twenty nine inshore races were completed. The Commodores Cup proved that Cetewayo would never rate well under IMS. That being said 1998 was a vintage year.

1997 Results

9/46 in class

RORC Morgan Cup
1/15 in CHS 3

RORC CHS Nationals
2 first places poor overall place

RORC Cowes Dinard Race
13/24 in CHS 3

RORC Fastnet Race
6/47 in CHS 3

RORC Dartmouth to Solent Race
1/19 overall and class first CHS3

HRSC Winter Series
1/25 in Class CHS 3

RORC Overall for year
in CHS 3 Class 2nd

1997 was the year Cetewayo really showed the world her abilities as racing yacht.

1996 Results

Solent Double Handed Round the Island Race
3/20 CHS1, 7/50 overall

ISC Nab Tower Race
1/17 CHS 2, 3/40 overall

Hamble Winter Series
3/25 (the first evidence that Cetewayo could do well in CHS)

Hermes Mumm Cowes Classic

1996 was a year of clear progress and a signal of the potential to come.

1995 Results

6/40 CHS 7

Yachting Monthly Cowes Classic

Warsash Nab Tower Race
Ist CHS 2 & 1/40 overall

Island Sailing Club Nab Tower Race
2nd in class, 2nd overall

Hamble Winter Series

1994 Results

Bacardi Spring Series
back of the fleet

2/10 in Classic Racing Yacht Class

Hamble Winter Series
back of the fleet

1993 Results

Hermes Mumm Cowes Classic

Yachting Monthly Cowes Classic
1 st

3/16 Classic Racing Yacht class

RYS Match Race
against Solway Maid lost