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The Sailor’s Annual Yachting Year 2018; A picture of Cetewayo on the front cover.

The Sailor’s Annual Yachting Year 2018


September 2017 Classic Boat;  The Panerai Cowes July Success; racing was as competitive as ever on the Solent as an impressive fleet of classics old and new gathered at Cowes for the Panerai British Classic Week. Photographs by Guido Cantini and Peter Smith.

Classic Boat  September 2017


August 2017 Fuera De Serie;  Cetewayo featured in one of the most popular Spanish magazines.

Fuera De Serie  August 2017



August 2016 Classic Boat;  The British Classic Yacht Club commodore on fatherhood, collective empowerment and having a drink with Laurent Giles. Story by Rob Peake.

Classic Boat  August 2016


April 2016 Classic Boat;  features 2 pictures of Cetewayo in last year’s racing challenges.

Classic Boat  April 2016


Classic Boat  April 2016



Oct 2015 Classic Boat; Editor’s page features a picture of Cetewayo crossing the finishing line at the RYS regatta.

Classic Boat  Oct 2015



Sept 2015 Classic Boat; Pure Classic: The biggest-ever Panerai British Classic Week saw historic yachts, friendly racing and feisty Solent conditions. A story by Rob Peake. Cetewayo features in two pictures, she won her class and was joint 3rd overall, but lost of count back to Jour De Fete.

Classic Boat article about the BCYC regatta Sept 2015



June 2015 Waterkampioen; A Dutch article about Cetewayo with some amazing photos. An indepth article about the history of Cetewayo including a range of unique photos.

Waterkampioen article about Cetewayo June 2015


English version of Waterkampioen article about Cetewayo June 2015



Sept 2014 Classic Boat; Front cover with photo of Cetewayo

Classic Boat Front Cover



Sept 2010 Classic Boat News; Panerai raises BCYC’s profile: Steffan hughes reports on the first Panerai-sponsored British Classic Yacht Club Cowes regatta and Cetewayo’s overall win.

Classic Boat News article about the first Panerai-sponsored Classic Week regatta Sept 2010



Aug 2010 All at Sea; Classic Beauty at Cowes. Cetewayo leading the fleet in the eastern Solent at the British Classic Yacht Club Panerai  Cowes Regatta. The overall first prize for the classics went to the 1957 vintage sloop.

All at Sea article about Cetewayo as the overall winner of the BCYC regatta Aug 2010



Summer 2009 Cowes Yachting; The Classics by David Orton, Secretary of the BCYC.

Cowes Yachting article about the history of BCYC Summer 2009



Oct 2005 Classic Boat; Front cover and article on BCYC regatta “Woops and Bangs”. The BCYC’s fourth annual regatta was certainly lively as high winds caused unpredictable ‘tactics’. Words by Paul Janes.

Classic Boat article about the BCYC regatta with pics of Cetewayo Oct 2005



Oct 2004 Classic Boat; British Clasic Yacht Club annual regatta. Racing at the BCYC annual regatta just go better: more classics, more competition, more parties – what more do you need? Words by Daphne Morgan Barnicoat. Pictures and details of Cetewayo.

Classic Boat article about the BCYC regatta with pics of Cetewayo Oct 2004



2000 Sailing calendar; features Cetewayo with the crew on the rail powering upwind.

Sailing calendar 2000



April 1999 Yachts and Yachting; Good things to come by Bob Fisher with a picture of Cetewayo during the 1998 Commodores’ Cup and an interview with David.

Yachts and Yachting April 1999



Autumn 1998; Article about the history of Cetewayo

Article about the history of Cetewayo



Sept 1998 Cruising World; USA;Tax on Mother Nature. Photo of Cetewayo in the Hermes Mumm Trophy off Cowes, June.

Cruising World article USA Sept 1998



Sept 1998 Yachting Monthly; Front cover with photo of Cetewayo in race 2 of the CHS Nationals 1998. New asymmetric masthead. We went on to win this race and the day due to the cancellation of race 1.

Yachting Monthly Front Cover Sept 1998



Aug 1998 Yachting World; Champagne Classics. Some of the finest classic yachts in the UK raced in a near gale off the RYS in the Hermes Mumm Throphy Regatta. Cetewayo was always fast, and the new look is startling pretty. Upwind. She is easly under control with mainsail and blade jib. Downwind. her crew quickly snap out a red spinnaker. Elaine Thompson reports from the distinctly wet deck of Rona.

Yachting World article about the Champagne Classics Aug 1998



Aug 1998 Yachts and Yachting; Rolex Commodores’ Cup. A detailed portrait of the Regatta by Bob Fisher. Cetewayo became last, obiously she did not suit IMS!

Yachts and Yachting article about the the Rolex Commodores’ Cup Aug 1998



June 1998 Offshore; Commodores’ Cup triallists. The first weekend of Rolex Commodores Cup English team trials have taken place on the Solent in which several golden oldies  have been competing.

OffShore article June 1998



June 1998 Country Life; Classic yachts ride the waves at Cowes. Strong winds keep momentum high as Bloodhound and Cetewayo battle it out in the Hermes Mumm Trophy Race and become joint winners. Picture.

Country Life article June 1998



1998 Sail Fast; Champagne & Rosebowls? Barbara Day reporting the Hermes Mumm Trophy regatta. Photo: Blood Hound and Cetewayo as joint winners in Cowes under CHS handicap.

Sail Fast article 1998



July 1998 Newspaper article on the Rolex Commores’ Cup; “Rivals see red as Germany triumph” by Edward Gorman

Rivals see red as German triumph 1998



July 1998 Newspaper article on the Rolex Commodores’ Cup; “Green light for German Reds” and “Hosts are forced to play second fiddle” by Tim Jeffery. Cetewayo catches a lobster pot!

Green light for German Reds 1998



Dec 1997 Yachts and Yachting; Cetewayo wins her class in MDL Hamble Winter Series 1997. Eddie Mays reports on the MDL Hamble Winter Series, the annual pre-Xmas racing that attracts some of the best sailors in the Solent.

Yachts & Yachting article about the MDL Winter Series Dec 1997



Aug 1997 Yachting Monthly; James Jermain previews the seventh Yachting Monthly and Red Funnel Rally. Cetewayo won this regatta. Pictues.

Yachting Monthly article about the upcoming 7th YM Rally Aug 1997



Spring 1997 Sail Design & Technology; Doyle sails and their monthly update: Cetewayo gets a performance boost.

Sail Design & Technology brochure on new designs Spring 1997



Jan 1996 Practical Boat Owner; Frontcover with picture of Cetewayo.

Practical Boat Owner frontcover Jan 1996



Dec 1995 Yachts and Yachting; an MDL of a series. For eight consecutive Sundays in October and November hardened big boat racers flocked to Hamble River SC on the south coast to compete in what has become the country’s premier cold weather series. In her second year of racing against modern yachts, Cetewayo came 9th in class and 3rd overall.

Yachts and Yachting article about the MDL Winter Series Dec 1995



Dec 1994 Classic Boat; The Hermes Mumm Trophy brings six classic yachts to the line of the RYS at Cowes for some hard, wet racing. Robin Gates reports.

Classic Boat article about six of the best classic yachts amongst which is Cetewayo



Sept 1993 Yachting Monthly; Cetewayo and Solway Maid jockey for advantage on the RYS starting line at Cowes in the first of a series of match races for classic yacths with a 35ft waterline, an initiative from David Murrin.

Yachting Monthly article about the race between Cetewayo and Solway Maid



Cowes Yachting; Homecoming of the classics. It’s time to celebrate the return of the beautiful – and the fast – to our waters, says BCYC’s Tim Blackman. Mention of Cetewayo with picture.

Cowes Yachting article about the annual BCYC regatta with a picture of Cetewayo



Current Thoughts; Article about the problem of where and how to install electronic equipment on tradional yachts. Pictures of Cetewayo.

Current Thoughts article with pictures of Cetewayo